I hope I die, I think they want me to die

Is it just me or do people bring unwanted babies into the world, treat them like shit, make them miserable, and then say that they should be so lucky to have a roof over their heads and a meal on the table? I talked back because my parents want me to stay at home doing… Continue reading I hope I die, I think they want me to die

Dying Expectations

“thats just it…” i mumbled to myself in the middle of a discussion with her. Her the one who has driven past the point of no return, my own mother. Today she had decided to give me shit about how i dress, and her comment of choice was, “You look like you’re about ready to… Continue reading Dying Expectations

Ventrella’s hello letter

My name is Ventrella. I live with my sister Dearidrea. In a mansion named Assodilious. Our life style is one in a million. You wouldn’t believe what we go threw to make a living. It’s horrible and fun at the sme time. Sort of, Dangerous. But I’d love to meet new people and maybe if… Continue reading Ventrella’s hello letter