This time

Cut from wrist to elbow This time it’s not for show This time I wont parade my scars They wont put me behind bars This time will not be the same This time I wont play that game This times different This time I don’t want attention This time I wont come back This time… Continue reading This time

“The Duality of Existence”

I lie in quiet fascination of this sleeping body beside me. Our breath flowing in practiced rhythm to the drum roll of our heartbeats. My senses fill with that indescribable yet all too familiar scent. I still remember. My hand laid across her skin, feeling her warm life beneath my calloused fingers. I clench her… Continue reading “The Duality of Existence”

…To All Goodnight

No, we’ve been doing this for so long, finding out where this world belongs. But we just keep on killing, causing pain and strife, taking away all our pointless lives.