the circus

poetic Clowns circling around on unicycles Darkened dead elephants carrying ghostly figures Dead cheering children watching contentedly The ring leader steps forth A short chubby man With gummy fat hands gripping the megaphone Yelling at the top of his lungs You could feel the air vibrate Yet it pounds at your head in whispers Circus… Continue reading the circus

I Give Up.

Here i’am, take me now I can’t make, not right now All the yellin, the hating, the gore I thought i’d survive, not anymore So take me know, i wanna leave The pain inside, you wouldn’t believe When i die will they even care Or will they just sit at my funeral and stare? What… Continue reading I Give Up.


Grab the knife There is no strife Plunge it in It’s not a sin So what is wrong? Do I have to sing you a song? About the death and the gore? Maybe that’s what you will get from what I sing You aren’t much of a thing So go ahead Move on Stick it… Continue reading Knife


This is how i hate me This is why truth dies Its why i die inside Death comes easy

A Fight

I’m blinded by the light Blinded by the sight Blinded by this gruesome fight I hope your alright