I was asked the other day, “What is gothic? What do goths actually do?”. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this, but it was the first time I actually decided to think about it. Being a goth obviously means different things to different people, as would any other sub-culture. I percieve being gothic… Continue reading Gothic?

just a thought to ponder

im a younger generation ‘goth/metalhead’, and i suppose going by what i have read on this site that im a subject to ridicule for being a ‘poser’, but i dont see how people can label others as this without even knowing them and getting that small glimpse into their mind and soul.


hello,i’m xena..i hope that the whole world can read my message…i need to talk to a gothic guy or a girl..i wanna become a goth and i cant find a way here in my country they’r abused…i need help plz me..reach to me…


I need help i dont know what to do ever since i became a goth all my friends look at me diffrent… they all think there batter then me and i hate it they make fun off me and stuff like that there are only 4 or 5 that dont and my girlfriend witch i… Continue reading Help!?

What am i?

ok…i dress like a goth cuz its kinda how i feel but i dont have the desire to hurt myself i just hate everything around me…well most of it at least so i aws wondering what yall could tell me cuz ive always felt different from everyone but i dont know what the fuck i… Continue reading What am i?

Doomed to Eternal Lonliness

Last night, laying there in bed, I got so mad at myself, just so mad. So unexplainabley mad. Why? I got lost inside of my head again. I realized, that I am so alone. A lot of people keep themselves from killing themselves because they love someone. Or that someone they know loves them enough… Continue reading Doomed to Eternal Lonliness