Death Comes To Town (Part 1)

Every spring people end up missing. Days later their bodies are found, drained of blood. In this small town, no one is ever safe, not even me. One dark and cold night I went out with some friends to go to a party. We disobeyed our parents when they said “no going out passed five.”… Continue reading Death Comes To Town (Part 1)


i asked every1 who could possibly help me,about a situation girly’girly’girly’O and they all said the same thing,the future i hold can be, decided in 3 words or so either i let go…(or pull into me closer and closer but not 2 close) i do not wanna let go..(but pulling closer is something that iv… Continue reading Chance

Nocturnal Encounter

…Meca lay quietly in Clayton’s room, awaiting his arrival. How she had longed for this moment for all these years. The smell of candle wax and patchouli flooded the room, low music in the background. In the distance she hears the front door open and his feet stumbling up the stairs. Meca giggles quietly remembering… Continue reading Nocturnal Encounter

Never Again

I stare into the mirror, I hate my reflection. I see everything in it. I see everythig I try to hide. My black hair falls onto my face hiding another black eye from view, but I still there. Ut’s still there like the bruses along my arms, along my whole body.