The Car Crash….(True Story)

I was only six and my grandmother, grandpa jim, and cousin were going to visit Jims parents. We drove to Tennesse and had a great time visiting Jimmy’s parents. On the night we were driving home it started to rain. Jim was worrdied so he tried to “help” grandma drive by telling her how to.… Continue reading The Car Crash….(True Story)

The Inevitability

everything is unchanging and yet it changes so much alone here with the blood stained hands licking them clean as though i have done nothing wrong the beautiful blackness of the perfectly shaped orbs round and loving the way they never shunned u or said “you aren’t good enough for me” they love u consistently… Continue reading The Inevitability

The Love Of my Father….

Author’s Note: OK, I told my bestest friend, Sinful Serena, I would submit this article, so here goes. *deep breath* The only memories that I can actually remember of my childhood are traumatic ones. I can’t even once remember being happy. It’s just a blur of confusion and fear. I have my reasons for this,… Continue reading The Love Of my Father….