Things People Do For Love..

Death Her hands pushed the hair delicately behind her ear as she sat in the office. The clock now read ten minutes until midnight and she had the usual eight o’clock deadline for the article she was doing. After a few tiring hours of typing she finally finished it up and pressed the send button.… Continue reading Things People Do For Love..

Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

It was cold. Silver and cold. But it was such a beautiful night. It was a light drizzle as River and Lana walked along the edge of the woods. Walking to their secret spot and holding hands, the moon hung halfway behind a cloud. They walked a little further and soon were at the small… Continue reading Remember when I said I’d be here forever?


Running through the grass, Trying to forget the past. I dream of forgetting you, But my dream doesn’t come true. I cry out into the night, As I begin to re-live the fight. I see the blood on the floor that was flowing out of me. You had no intention of stopping… You would’ve killed… Continue reading Savior

DARKNESS:::Just Another Suicide:::

For almost 8 months they were together. The perfect couple… From the moment they met, she knew they were meant to be together. She thought she knew it was all meant to be. He sent her flowers, bought her candy, and always told her how much he loved her. They layed on the grass together,… Continue reading DARKNESS:::Just Another Suicide:::


Misericorde Some might have thought her room was lonely, but she liked it fine. It occupied one small corner of the old, rambling house, and had three windows overlooking the river, curtained by trees. In the afternoon the light filtered through the hand-sized leaves, and she sometimes sat there, watching the shimmering kaleidoscope of green… Continue reading Misericorde