Elena ch 5

As soon as she had finished tracing the names I passed out. I don’t know what happened, but when I woke up there were about six or seven people around me. As I looked around I realized that they were the rest of the characters from the stories… I was thinking whoa hold on there… Continue reading Elena ch 5

The One

Every day I hope the moment to see you I thik it moment is now……… My room in red is waiting for your green eyes I key to enter in my world… A world to stay whit you Your are mine, and you know that your soul in mine, your body arround a night whit… Continue reading The One

Death (The Comedy) A horror story

Pandora picked up the telephone. “I know where you live…” “What?” “I’m coming to get you…” “Oh ha ha. Very funny.” Pandora said, but the only reply to this was static. She put the phone down, slightly disturbed, but she quickly put it out of her mind. Just some prank, and anyway she had to… Continue reading Death (The Comedy) A horror story

Story of a highschool steriotype (pt. 3)

Krissy shuddered as she walked out into the crisp air, skipping down her front steps into the gentle hum of Reggie’s jeep. “Hey, babe” he sweetly smiled as he put his big hand on her bare, milky white thigh. Her green eyes looked into his hazel fogs. She straightened up quickly, checking her smokey make… Continue reading Story of a highschool steriotype (pt. 3)