my own little hell

Several years have passed since I have last been in contact with anyone. Alone and remorseful for all of the wrong deeds I have committed I exist; society’s judgement has condemned me. I am full of guilt; a shallow puddle of water is all that consoles me. Nothing but the moon’s subtle reflection emanates from… Continue reading my own little hell

The Agony I brought upon Myself and Others

Words that have been spoken have been the spears that came back To tear me apart as my intentions were not those perceived Somehow those who knew me to be white never knew that I was black And for this misery that I created I shall vanish into what never had been received Misunderstood, propaganda… Continue reading The Agony I brought upon Myself and Others

Burying the Guilt

I sat in the woods by myself, well, not exactly by myself. The woods chattered all around me as the sun set. It felt like they all knew about my dirty little secret. They knew about what I had done. Maybe I’m just feeling guilty.

Don’t You Remember?

Don’t you remember how she hurt you? How she used you? How she lied to you? Don’t you remember what she put you through?

Why I couldn’t quit smoking

I smoke because it’s life I smoke because it’s death And I smoke because sometimes it’s the only thing that modivates me to breathe And I breathe it in And I breathe it out