Just 24 more hours til ‘Sleepy Hollow’!!!!

‘Sleepy Hollow’: 5 reasons why you must watch its September 16 debut
When most people hear the words “Sleepy Hollow,” they either have a flashback to high school English class, or they picture the 1999 Tim Burton film.

the night desk’s insight:
I CAN”T WAIT!!!! It will officially feel like halloween is coming once I starting watching this series. I am going to watch it when it comes on but I think I’ll set my dvr to record it so I can watch it again when it’s over!! After you guys watch it lemme know what you think…

love in a graveyard

It was halloween.black tape for a blue girl was playing in the background.”sally” was getting ready to met “jack” at the concert. she put the finshing touches on her costume. she put on her black and white socks and shoes and ran out the house. she was going to be late if she didn’t hurry.… Continue reading love in a graveyard

Religious clashings with Vice Principal

I go to a uniformed, Catholic high school; and I’m an individual with no discernable religion. Those factors in themselves have posed several difficulties. However, the fact is that I’m an intelligent, friendly 15-year-old girl. I don’t discriminate religion openly in my school, I follow the dress code, and I do well in all my… Continue reading Religious clashings with Vice Principal