There was once a girl, who had no name Ingnorance and hatred gave her no shame And because of all of this she had no one else to blame

Nothing, Really

It’s been said many times that life is what you make of it… But do I deserve this ridecule? Each time I’ve tried to put my “life” back together, I’ve been shunned still. I’m not saying I want to be well-liked, perish the thought. No, I’d just like to be left alone by those who… Continue reading Nothing, Really


hopes and dreams,a fucked up team that makes me scream out hatred! shout out loud,into this crowd i’m only here for hatred! take this noise and hear my voice i feed upon your hatred! crippled lies and hollow cries, my life is based on hatred live this scent’ what i intend, for good old solemn… Continue reading hellraiser

The Army Of Darkness

Misunderstood and misjudged by you Broken and bleeding, beaten by you Lost in a world of suffering and sorrow Going to sleep, hoping there’s no tomorrow Mommy and daddy aren’t always there Get over yourself, no one cares The little lost loners all by themselves Living their lives, free passes to Hell Who really cares,… Continue reading The Army Of Darkness