trapped inside my head life is but a dream the world continues turning while silently i scream haunted by the memory’s streaming through my mind searching for the answers but scared of what i’ll find holding a knife up high to see the patterns of the light the secrets of the heart and soul flow… Continue reading trapped

To Die Or Not To Die: One word to change it all.

Okay, I’m a bit new to this site, one of my close friends gave it to me, and I thanked many many times. What I really wanted to say though, is that, I always think about suicide, my family life, and my friends, plus all these guy problems on top of that…it’s just too much… Continue reading To Die Or Not To Die: One word to change it all.

Where are you…

I love you Michael…..I miss you so much. Why did you leave me, why did you leave me all alone? I don’t understand, where is my God? Why did you take him from me, I love him so much. I need him, I am so afraid…..I am so lonely without you Michael.