gothic Along with your rage follows your fate Pugatory awaits to feed of your hate Inside it’s burning, flames all around The site deafining all others screaming sound Whitnesses bleed and whimper in shame Towards everyone else you point your blame When you fall you will take down the sun Shadows will rise and heaven… Continue reading disaster

Death is just another step…

Death is just another step though your exsistance.. some death comes sooner than for others. After death, some go too Heaven, others too Hell. As for me im not so furtunate… I often wonder what is Hell like? Is it as bad as it sounds? well I will soon find out…

open your eyes

(this post should go in the category Darkness. thank you.) I’ve noticed…. people dont care about what happens to you. people will blame others before looking at themselves people come and people go, nothing lasts forever nobody will ever understand you or “get you” most people are self-centered people are only motivated by the possibility… Continue reading open your eyes


Dawn Burning me. She lies with me I sense her breathing, I was lost in all of this chaos, What was this world we left behind? I don’t want to know, I raze myself higher As we make the final journey, upon the stairs of heaven….