One Nite Together

Hand in hand, we quickly made our way through the cluttered hall at last reaching my room. Sex on both of our minds, and unleashed passion flowing from our inner most desires. Wasting no time, I grabbed a lighter and set the therapeutic vanilla candles a flame. He was already waiting for me in my… Continue reading One Nite Together


i think i think some weird stuff but i think i think too much am i hurt? how can i live normally if i can’t accept what they said to me? did they tell you that if it was serious you should not touch it?

Empty Ambition in A Fearful Heart

The coldness of the blade,It’s shinning so brightly… I love it.Somethings calling,I want to go, My faith is falling, I want to follow.I wake up… too bad,I knew I would have done it,I wake up, I would have pushed it in and spun it.But that’s all gone- for now.The nerve I had seems so hollow.A… Continue reading Empty Ambition in A Fearful Heart