The Others The Others

Those who only see the opposit of reality, those whose speech is only mindlessness…… are those who be the first to die, Those so called individuals who are merely clones, will be distroyed by an undieing force of hatred that they merely made from their aditeudes,

The Controlled life of an Unfree spirit.

16,the time for experimenting,the time for fun,the age of the free mind and body.This year was supposed to be mine.Yet it was crushed by my own blood,my own mother. “Sure Shaun you can wear whatever you want,wear your individuality with pride.”But as soon as I walk out of the door with black nails I am… Continue reading The Controlled life of an Unfree spirit.

more of the poser topic…

as forgotteninthedark said,he/she is called a poser.i just dont see why people feel the need to do that.for the people that slag off goths and call them posers, GET A FUCKING LIFE!! why do they think goths purposely make themselves ridiculed?