is their a god?

seeking tranquility through the hands of earth declaring myself god with the help of no on buries in insanity, breeding in the writhing roots of infection. fractured and broken, hallucinations remaining. what i cant put into words come out through actions, drawing conclution and stupid solutions to problems of life. i question the agnostic existance… Continue reading is their a god?


as i sit here wondering why my memory goes back to a time when things were happy and bright now all i can see is this darkness it circles my every being, my soul everything is lost into this blinding eternal insanity that i call my life. I have no one to blame but myself… Continue reading darkness

Current State Of Mind

“All this fucking white.” I mumble, but she didn’t respond. The painful gleam of the spotless linoleum grates against my nerves. I’m elevated on the counter top, eyes settled downward. “No, Im not high.” My stomach turns as I glance at the granny-smith apples to my right. Just the suggestion of food nauseates me.”Let me… Continue reading Current State Of Mind