Our Sad Reality

I will share a little piece of my mentality to all of you, for no one else dares to listen to my ideas on humanity. Society…Heh…How depressing is society. Seem’s as though every time our society improves we loose touch with ourselfs, and focus one unimportant things. We loose touch with our spirits and minds.… Continue reading Our Sad Reality

The Lord of Deception 2

There were other things that went on unoticed in the time that I was there, letting my life slowly drift by without realizing that I wasn’t progressing. There was always a holding back, a no you can’t do that, not said in works but done through actions in convoluted ways. When was there ever a… Continue reading The Lord of Deception 2


Ever wonder why there’s hate? Or love for that matter? It all should be obvious, at least, if you know darkside. Know OF darkside, I mean. Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin, at least, I think I do. But then, I might not. Hold on, the phones ringin.

The Importance of Being…Independent

I have noticed that in many alternative lifestyles – poly, lesbian, what little I’ve seen of D/s and BDSM, SCA even although this has changed due to the fact that the SCA is going mainstream – there are large pockets of people who believe that it is far more moral and sensible to be a… Continue reading The Importance of Being…Independent