Untamed Passion

She was so beautiful. Her long black hair tapering down the back her long satin black dress. Her nipples hard underneathe the thin fabric, which of course was an indication that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She heard the doorbell rign, it was Tristan. She opened the door, Tristan’s mind and dick were happy to… Continue reading Untamed Passion

In His Eyes — cont’d

She gasped as his body pressed hers into the bed. His lips were on hers, tongue dueling with her own. Fingertips trailed the sides of her body as his crotch ground into hers, allowing her to feel him heavy and hot against her through his pants and her underwear. She hooked her fingernails into his… Continue reading In His Eyes — cont’d

In The Bedroom (Net Friends part 4)

Once we had freed his arms from his shirt, I moved higher up his body to straddle his chest. I took hold of his hands and interlocked my fingers with his, he smiled, still with his eyes closed, I pinned his hands to the bed, leaned in close and kissed the corner of his mouth,… Continue reading In The Bedroom (Net Friends part 4)