Gothic Life Is A Bitch sometimes

well from reading all the posts I come to one conclusion the same all we goth’s have I do beleive in the social life of today I find it hard to be a goth because of all the ridcular and the economic stats. It’s hard to state an opion. and Goths Now adays are consider… Continue reading Gothic Life Is A Bitch sometimes

Don’t give them the POWER!!!

(Gothic) Do you know why people lable us? Think about it. A lot of people take it too harshly and it makes them feel bad about themselves or whatever. You know what that does? IT GIVES THE PEOPLE WHO LABLE US POWER!!! That is why they do it. It makes them feel like they have… Continue reading Don’t give them the POWER!!!

Ever been fucked with!!

Ever been fucked with. maybe some of you have gone through the same shit as I have. Im a 16 yr goth now I get up every morning with suicide on my mind. I get dressed and go to school every fucking day I get fucked with because im different.