No Joke

Down on your knees Fuck you Don’t move Don’t even breath See this gun? This is no joke You fucked up Your done I said don’t move See you disobey And i have to hit you Think your tough This your a man? Your nothing but shit Don’t look at me like that See now… Continue reading No Joke

Run away

Im no good at writing, but i am trying, i need as much advice as possible. its meant to be about be alone because of other peoples views…… Runaway, the they’re beside you, Runaway, the truth is still behind you, Runaway, their still beside you, All they ever do is watch you,


Ill tell you a joke what if someone told you I died last night. or that i commited suicide

that was me-2

there is this strange thing about revenge,one can always associate destruction to it. however the reverse did not seem likely to Him. destructiveness unlike revenge did not need to have a motive or even look for one;it just acquired one. destructiveness,working on same levels as creativeness,seemingly highly motivated with no back lash,seemed non-desirous for a… Continue reading that was me-2