Journey into a soul into a soul doomed heardened heart of life soul dimly entombed strolling through the endless abyss catch the scent of agitation learning of souls corruption fake gods leading it to damnation fire growing glowing of deception contraception for the heart dont make the connection understand the impossible kill the fake and… Continue reading Journey

dilemma … of my life….

Darkness!! the constant copanian on journey of my ilfe… By nature i’m not a “gothic” as others might define but somany times i have urges that turns me into that pure beast, which is as connected to darkness and pain-death as to spikes and heavy metal… but in normality i find my self standing before… Continue reading dilemma … of my life….

The Journey

Life gives birth to me Love feedes me Death lives without me And on this journey are you irreplacable to me – On (this) our journey