The Drunk and Haggard

In an alley way in southern Harlem a man lies on his side twitching, shivering with cold. Even to him it goes unnoticed. He is lost in his dreams, shadowy figures, and hallucinations. Purple dots capture his awakening vision. Suddenly he sits up, his own smell of acrid urine, alcohol, sweat, and feces ignored. He… Continue reading The Drunk and Haggard

Dream 2

This time the dream comes slowly, seeping and oozing into my mind. My eyes closing, weights pushing against the lids. My energy is slowly being washed away into the blackness. Little clawed fingers painfully caress my brain, lulling it into submission and as I give in my last touch of feeling is a throbbing, reminder… Continue reading Dream 2

Not Quite Kafka – A Different Sort of Metamorphosis

First draft of a story I’m working on. Feedback would be appreciated. – Jason ——————– (presently untitled) Roger only wanted to wash the dishes quickly and move on to find some more amusing diversion. His quiet cube of an apartment, with sickly yellow walls and cracked off-white tiles, was depressing him on this unremarkable… Continue reading Not Quite Kafka – A Different Sort of Metamorphosis