When Sex comes to Sex

“Want to have a drink or, go up stairs or what?” “Um a drink then stairs.” “Ok” pours him a glass of wine and pours me some too, “well we can take the drinks upstairs” “Your eager” he laughed, with the softest and kindness laugh I’ve ever heard come from him.

Alive, but not for long: pt1

It was about mid May a few years ago. I can’t exactly remember. My girlfriend and I had gone out to dinner at our favorite resuraunt. The evening was going great. I was thinking I might get some action that night. Little did I know it wasn’t the action I wanted. Typical ending to a… Continue reading Alive, but not for long: pt1


There’s a kindness behind your eyes that even the wisest ones will miss. A subtle touch to say ‘I love you’, I loving glance to show you care. And i take it in, all of it.