your lie

Your lie-replaced you’re life-your mind- so traumatized-glass heart broken and shattered-splintering in your soul-it bled –in your bed-I tied the knot-cut off the circulation-artery sliced and their you died-in my arms-my hands were tiedface of blue and white-your beauty stayed-I held you as you turned cold-I felt my heart break-internal suffocation-self-inflected mutilation-tonight’s the night< whisper… Continue reading your lie

Daddy’s Little Girl (revised)- a short story

It was 3 a.m. and she still sat in her corner. She had been there all night, sitting alone in the darkness of her little room. Her corner comforted her. It was the one place she could go to that was always there, just how she wanted it; quiet, simple, and solid. This was where… Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl (revised)- a short story