(reply to) the posers?

Posers is just another fucking label!! I personally hate labels. If you label your-self you are just trying to prove something.Posers arent anything they are people like you and me just givin a label. If they want to pretend to be something they are not let them it is their life and it doesnt affect… Continue reading (reply to) the posers?

The Wonders of being Labeled

(Gothic)Well a large topic on the site is ‘labels’. whether they call you ‘goth’ or ‘geek’ they usually mean the same thing. either scary (to them) or just out of the ordinary. I personally find it odd.. that though alot of us claim not to like labels.. we take it badly when we see ‘posers’.… Continue reading The Wonders of being Labeled

I’ve empty-headed news, sirs.

Dear Friends: Oh jeez. You are lost. Labels? This is a negative term. A negative one. Labels are what you, of all people should avoid. They destruct, diminish and destroy everything that means anywhere within in the realm of anything. Kid, why don’t you just read a fucking book or take a long walk, rather… Continue reading I’ve empty-headed news, sirs.

what the hell are you all talking about

I haven’t read for a while, but when did everyone start tring to find out what they are. You are yourself, whatever you make of it is your disision. Don’t let others tell you. If you are confused that’s ok, you’re going to be. If you’re so stuck on labeling yourself then you should stop… Continue reading what the hell are you all talking about

A Random Rant

My aunt cares about me… And it hurts me to know that. I see her once or twice a year… But she sends me letters every once in a while. This last one made me cry… All it said was “Don’t listen to everyone else. You’re doing well. Love, Aunt Verna”