The final night

topic – death “I’m leaving” she said with a shivering voice. She had that look in her eyes, like in the first day, lost somewhere in another world, in another time. The look that he was hoping to change. And now he knew that she was never coming back, and nothing can make her stay.… Continue reading The final night


“Don’t touch me!” Lara screamed, as she raced across the cobble stones to an ally up the street. She turned to see her persuer. ‘…breathe…breathe…’ she told herself as she ran, ‘ keep breathing…deep breaths..’ “Oh Lara, you forgot your sabre, you need it back!” Damn! The miserable bastard, always following me, always sneaking about,… Continue reading Never

i am the universe

i’d like to be miss univers. i am truly beautiful, but i’m alone. and i feel like my loneliness explodes with more and more beauty and sensuality. My wet eyes make them cry. Men cry for me. the nights i spend alone under the stars are crimes against humanity. during those nights everything in me… Continue reading i am the universe

Something Dark – Chapter One

“This has to stop.” Kai opened the door to his best friend Eva. She stumbled through the door, sobbing and hiccupping, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth. Her makeup was smudged and her startling green eyes clouded with tears and confusion, ringed with black, plagued with deep shadows. Ignoring Kai’s tall, imposing form,… Continue reading Something Dark – Chapter One