A Vampire’s Journey

Chapter Two “Two Endured Souls” His romance wrapped around me like an angel’s wings. Soft and comforting. He kissed my lips deeply and passionately making me want him more and more. His fingers danced across my soft pale skin up to my breasts and he rubbed and squeezed them making me moan louder. He began… Continue reading A Vampire’s Journey

I need help!! THis is urgent!! someone help me plz!!

ok, so my friend is doing suicide, I am, my other firend s are going crazy because I’m doing suicide again. I have cuts all on my left arm. My friend almost shot himself dead while I talked to him. And saturday night, he almost hung himself because his friend has cancer. I want to… Continue reading I need help!! THis is urgent!! someone help me plz!!


It is there. Everyday, when I am asleep. Waiting for me, there, in the darkness. Don’t you see it? I get into bed and close my eyes and I am dropped into a state of half-conciousness. Suddenly I am at the entrance, a long, dark walkway, to a cave-like room. I proceed through the darkness,… Continue reading Sleep

The Fire That Burns The Brightest

Wynd was glad that he had survived to see his twelfth birthday. At last he would go before the elders and get himself apprenticed. The great mystery, of course, was to whom he would be bonded. After all, what kind of craftsman would want a clumsy, half-sized weakling who could not tell his right from… Continue reading The Fire That Burns The Brightest