what a great tramsformation

I am the glissing darkness that takes away the beautiful glittering light in your eyes. i am the most wonderful thing that makes there things happen in your sleep.i am the one thing that makes you lifeless, pail, and num. Num. as you are in your sleep. thinking its all a dream when you wake… Continue reading what a great tramsformation


Dawn Burning me. She lies with me I sense her breathing, I was lost in all of this chaos, What was this world we left behind? I don’t want to know, I raze myself higher As we make the final journey, upon the stairs of heaven….


feeling depressed my soul has repressed everting inside of my mind. I take a bottle to erase your face but still it is left behind. Friends try to help as i sit and gulp almost ready to die. Wether by drugs, by knives or someone who is ready to take a life. When i am… Continue reading me


Never looking over your shoulder Afraid of what you’ll find Did you ever think you’d be left behind? All your friends moved on and you should too Considering that they’ll never call you When you return to the place where they all died, Will you think of all the times you lied? Will you think… Continue reading Shadows

The Late October

Roll the windows down and take a breath. It’s likely to be your last one. Put the fire to the taper Blow yourself out. The candle’s burning but you’re brushing it away. Flaming through your fingers. Don’t brush me off; I’m liable to burn You like the fire did. But you don’t understand the point.… Continue reading The Late October

Specter At The Feast

You may think you know me From words I’ve written on a page From another lifetime ago From the depths of hurting, pain, and rage Somehow I’ve moved forward with my life I’ve grown past that empty divide I look back and see clearly those things That nearly drove me to suicide But sometimes in… Continue reading Specter At The Feast