You look in the mirror, Seeing what you’ve feared, Seeing what you’ve become, A liar, A backstabber, A fake, The face in the mirror Laughing at you, Mocks you, Eats at your pain, And you feed it, Every day, You fake every thing you are, And it gets stronger, Soon you’ll forget who you really… Continue reading Mirror

Misunderstood Wishes In A Sea of Angels.

For Darkness. Standing alone on the rooftops in the darkness of shadows bought on only by the misunderstandings and rabid ravings of those who have misunderstood. The never-ending cycle of the victim and the prey that thinks that they are the ones whom everyone must bare witness to their tragedies. What tragedy? When I say… Continue reading Misunderstood Wishes In A Sea of Angels.


Okay, I was really pissed off at this girl at work the other day, so I had to vent. Danyel, her voice is that of a whiny little brat, that continues to ask,”are we there yet, are we there yet?”