His Last Words

This is kindof about a dream I had one night……Please read it and tell me what you think!!!!!It seems long but it really isn’t! You killed another because you chose to drink and drive and the other just happened to be your little brother


a month ago i attempted to kill my self i had gone into my room late at night every one was asleep i pulled the knife out of my bed i held it to my wrist i made a little gash on the corner of my hand but then i looked at my little brother… Continue reading attempted

It’s not any of thier business

I don’t understand..You’d think he would be happy for me..I’ve been so miserable of late…But where the hell does he get off telling me I’m wrong for being with the person who makes me happy…I just recently got out of a 3 year marriage that was abusive as hell…I’m 26 and have 2 children..so where… Continue reading It’s not any of thier business