Untamed Passion

She was so beautiful. Her long black hair tapering down the back her long satin black dress. Her nipples hard underneathe the thin fabric, which of course was an indication that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She heard the doorbell rign, it was Tristan. She opened the door, Tristan’s mind and dick were happy to… Continue reading Untamed Passion

the creature i have become

As I walk into the darkness of the alley between two large apartment buildings, near the house I was disowned from and sent to live on the streets, I stare at the sky watching for the creature to come. I have only seen this creature three times before, but tonight I have a wierd feeling… Continue reading the creature i have become

Childhood Memories, Kingdom of Pain

The bed was huge. It’s black silken sheets slick as ice and shimmering in the dim candle like light. As a small girl with waste long black hair jumped onto the bed, footsteps could be heard outside. A garilla sized hand pounded the door. Squealing could be heard and loud slap echoed down the corridor… Continue reading Childhood Memories, Kingdom of Pain

Blood Dripping Roses Prologue

Blood Dripping Roses Prologue Ebony Millers sat in her 8th period class. The last class of the year. And finally, the school year would be over in…Ebony looked up at the clock…in 5 minutes. She tapped her on her desk she waited for the last bell. “Ebony, what are you so antsy for?” Ebony looked… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses Prologue

Erotica – A gothic Story

Without even knowing his name…. I got this boring admin job for a company. The pay was alright and because I didn’t have to deal with the public I could wear what I wanted. I just don’t feel comfortable in anything other than my long black dresses or sometimes my leather pants and a laced… Continue reading Erotica – A gothic Story