Afraid of life Afraid of death Afraid of peace Afraid of war Afraid of love Afraid of hate Afraid of lies Afraid of truth Afraid to be fun Afraid to be boring Afraid to smile Afraid to frown Afraid to have sex Afraid to be a virgin Afraid to get high Afraid to be a… Continue reading Afraid


i hope this gets posted: i really wanted to get this off my chest…..i have no one to talk too. me and my friend arent really “friends” anymore. we dont have anything in common and she doesnt even listen to me when i tell her things (she can be a real bitch). she’s practically my… Continue reading Alone

Something to solve some problems

You know what everybody???When ppl say stuff or they label u or don’t, DO NOT CARE. Its their fucking opinion and should it matter 2 u?? NO. So if you hear some asshole saying ure a loser ignore him! Those ppl are FUCKHEADS. Just putting this as a suggestion NOT a statement


Im always in your shadow I do everything first but everyone see only when you do the same I need attention I need love too I have nothing,everyone loves you everyone follows you too


You first poisoned me with you kiss And made it something I would miss You started making me hurt and feel pain Seems to me that it was all just a game But in this game you’re not a winner nor a loser You’re only an abuiser