love’s eternity

passion overflows the soul and enters places most surreal fantasies materialize so done with sweet demonic zeal the world’s consumed by endless night but through a light is seen their souls redeemed – a dream-like state – saved by love’s eternity

It Was The Love That Made Me Hold On

My tears are so few Just because I’m here with you Please don’t leave me, please don’t go Otherwise, I’ll overflow With the blood, from my head Goodbye….I’m dead This is what, you could hear If you do, leave me tears Once you say, you don’t love me I’ll be dead, and it’ll be bloody… Continue reading It Was The Love That Made Me Hold On

coming to reality

death As i sit watching the blood realse itzself i relax telling miself that itz time im finally live az mi friend slicez her wrist open we lie next to eachother smiling az i look and her nude body she stopz breathing thou ive been bleeding mi blood for hourz she diez az i wait… Continue reading coming to reality

Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 15

Blood Dripping Roses Chapter 15 Ebony shook in fear at how angry Tommie was, but feared more towards what her master would say. “Please Tommie- don’t tell him! I’m sorry-I was just-“ “Snooping!” Tommie conformed crossing his arms. “No-that’s not it.” Slowly, Tommie’s face changed to a lighter mood and her begin to laugh. “You… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 15

Apocalyptic Vision

Apocalyptic Vision The world’s ending mother fuckers. Can’t you see that? Look around at the hell we live in. Minds changed, deranged Bridges burned, hearts chained Sould ravaged, damned Tables turned, the fall of man Happy memories of pasts we’ve forgotten Fading to dust, icy like frost There is no love, Only lust A drive… Continue reading Apocalyptic Vision