Fed Up With Everyday Life

DARKNESS I’m lying on the ground, thinking about my life. Oh how i want to end it so badly. Sometimes i think too much, and my mind gets too carried away. But death is something i know i want. Its something i crave. Sometimes i think I’m crazy. I think that I’m insane. But that… Continue reading Fed Up With Everyday Life

Wilted Soul

A collaborative effort of the band Tears of Pain and MourningStar2002. Wilted Soul Death is a state of mind. Another world, I wish I could find. I’m searching and pleading For forgiveness in hell. A story, I wish I couldn’t tell. I have to repent. I’m so full of pain. I need death’s relief. Being… Continue reading Wilted Soul

The Temple of the Tortured

In the temple of the tortured light turns to dark, life turns to death. You can feel death watching you through hollow eye. There are corpses lying on the ground everywhere, but they are the lucky ones, for their pain is over but for others there pain has just begun. All you can hear is… Continue reading The Temple of the Tortured