The Young and The Motionless

I’m just a child… a person that can’t live without fear, a person that can’t live without pain. Buried in my thoughts, I live without a soul. My mind is empty and dark. My body lies motionless and bruised on the dirty floor. My wounds still bleed from last night’s beating. I stare into nothingness… Continue reading The Young and The Motionless

Dear Charlatan

As lovely as blood dripping, thickening in your temple You left earlier than I remember ensconced in a threshold of cosmic sounds in riot in full catharsis that promises no end… left to shatter…fails to embrace my longing for your rebirth here in a dark corner of my mind in your truer absence I’ve invited… Continue reading Dear Charlatan


my anger my madness i face everyway my sadness my depression i face in everyway i’m treated like shit i’m treated like nothing but all i do is sing my song i’m all alone i’m far apart they tell me everything i do is wrong so i climb inside my hole so i go into… Continue reading MY SONG