Grab the knife There is no strife Plunge it in It’s not a sin So what is wrong? Do I have to sing you a song? About the death and the gore? Maybe that’s what you will get from what I sing You aren’t much of a thing So go ahead Move on Stick it… Continue reading Knife

The perfect killer

He walks slowly across the dirtied floor; his victim lifeless, glazed eye’s staring out into the abyss. The killer, a master, his movements sure and even; striking the match with elegance he burns the house. As it glows in the ever growing distance, he laughs wildly at the thought of an investigation. He was invisible,… Continue reading The perfect killer

Family Affairs Chapter 1

Okay, this story needs a little introduction. It was started several years ago. It’s about I think 30 pages total, all 14 chapters. It is my longest and most developed story. The first few chapters develop the story and characters and may not be very interesting to some readers on this site, but I promise… Continue reading Family Affairs Chapter 1