Just another guy in black

She was by no means a beautiful girl. At least, what most would consider beauty. She and her sister (who had happened to get all the ‘good looking’ genes) led a mostly abused childhood, having been drugged, molested, and in several different shelters and foster homes. Though they had been through much, they managed to… Continue reading Just another guy in black

Depression are “in”

I donĀ“t understand the children,the youth who belive that it is cool to have/be depressed. I see every day when all the little ignorent children who think they are goth, becouse they wear black clothes and have black makeup on, i really want to help them, to explain the whole history about goth.

Krys are you out there?

Tonight I felt compelled to type, to have a record on paper about someone very important to me. This is about a person of whom I deeply love, and for a time was in love with. His name is Christopher Voss, Krys for short. A very odd and beautiful individual, that to this day I… Continue reading Krys are you out there?