In my cavern I wait alone Fueled by malice and dark intent I carve my thoughts upon a stone I feel no pity, I will not repent

(vampire)Deadly Apologies IV

IV- Averick’s and Rykas’s eyes met. Rykas was speechless, she stood there with her mouth dropped, she didn’t even realize it was open. “Is that a good speechless, or a bad one?” questioned Averick. Rykas ran up and hugged Averick as tight as possible. Organto answered “I am almost certain that is a good speechless.”… Continue reading (vampire)Deadly Apologies IV

(vampire)Deadly Apologies III

III- “Rykas… ugh, Rykas wake up already” Organto snarled. He threw himself on the couch giving up on her. Organto mumbled softly to himself, “I suppose I’ll just have to wait untill she wakes up.” Organto figured that she wouldn’t be up for a while, so he went out to his hideout. Meanwhile, Rykas was… Continue reading (vampire)Deadly Apologies III