Falling I’m falling Falling, deeper into my grave Why is it this way? Have I done something wrong or is it just my fate? Falling I’m falling further away Help me, bring me closer Sometimes I feel it was a mistake. You treat me so indifferent as if it was truly my fault. I tried… Continue reading Falling


Sitting alone in the darkend room,i wait for him to come and take me away.The things iv done,i wish i could erase them all,and start over,just like a mistake on a piece of paper…some time’s life does seem as simple as paper.


im a 15 year old lesbian …which makes it hard enough to find a girl to date due to the fact there are not many around,i managed to find one who lives about 5 hours away in car and 1 in plain,around where my cuz lives,and i love her to death,iv done so much…raising grades… Continue reading Lost


I didnt want to do this I didnt want to leave so soon but it couldnt take it but i know,its me you wont miss