About me… (*Zat)

I live in Britian… I go to Canada and Ny-Ballston Spa/Saratoga a lot though. Im german, irish, canadian and british. I go to tons of punk shows and im usually always out somewhere. I smoke fags(ciggarettes) drink whenever the hell I can (everynight ;P) and I smoke marijuana as well for around here, everyone does.… Continue reading About me… (*Zat)

A wish for burn

I’ve walked through this dark alley of life looking for a flame. Not for light, or warmth, just the burn. I’ve fallen for cold, stagnant water, razor-sharp obsessions, and self-pitying brick walls. But one day when the darkness was somewhat lighter, I was introduced to my fire. Tall and skinny, freckled face, brown mohawk…………. Hunter.