Requiem For an 18 Year Old Child

(Feel), feel my pain, it’s what I want? no, who gives a fuck, Im just stuck,inside my mind (Hate),hate everyone, they fucked me up as a child, its so cliche, I hate myself (But Why?)because i feel, because I think,because I cant release myself,because I’m tired of laying down,becuase I just wanna be a child!… Continue reading Requiem For an 18 Year Old Child

Lack of Attention

That was too much for him. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. His parents never paid him any attention and they certianly did not love him. They only loved his sister. However, things had not always been this way. Tommy was 8 years old when this all happened. His parents always neglected him and always… Continue reading Lack of Attention

to tell is to die

mommy always asked me if i was ok i would lie yes and we’d go on with the day and my brother always thought there was something wrong but he knew not to ask, he knew i wasnt that strong