impared visions comming to me depressing thoughts its just its the same thing that i refuse to see its the pain that left me once before set me fourth to this love lust contentedness is nevermore wondering why im put here around and around again this wheel simple thoughts engaged brings the tears help is… Continue reading Illusions

Return Home

Step inside a nightmare That’s where you’ll find me Life is like a prison I ache to be free Children have no rights Surrounded by stereotypes And racist fights Children have no rights We’re told what to wear Do and say Ridiculous rules Increase each day Statistics are sickening Pregnant or addicted Homicide or suicide… Continue reading Return Home

A Self Conscious Beauty

the moon shining off of her pale pristine body outlining her perfect figure the corset pushing in her imperfection she must be perfect her own hands pulling the bondage tight she must not free her natural shape her false ugliness might show through her black hair falling around her glowing white neck shining from the… Continue reading A Self Conscious Beauty