“A Close Encounter”

The night is young and full of curiosity, in an alley you appear to be in, strolling along to your nightly duties, but you feel a great presence lurking close by, you feel other steps beneath your feet, you whip around, no one in sight, still you feel someone is there, you feel it breathing… Continue reading “A Close Encounter”

Deadly Apologies I

Prelude- Ari Catyar was seventeen years old, and she basically kept to herself. Ari had so much talent, she could easily do things no other human could. Not only could she move things with her mind, or interpret what other people were thinking, Ari could smell anything that was within two miles from where she… Continue reading Deadly Apologies I

A Warning

I fear not death, for I am death. I am the protector of all those who are dead but living. I fear nothin, and I care for nothin but I queen. And to all those who are searchin for my bride I tell u now……