open your eyes

(this post should go in the category Darkness. thank you.) I’ve noticed…. people dont care about what happens to you. people will blame others before looking at themselves people come and people go, nothing lasts forever nobody will ever understand you or “get you” most people are self-centered people are only motivated by the possibility… Continue reading open your eyes

the circus

poetic Clowns circling around on unicycles Darkened dead elephants carrying ghostly figures Dead cheering children watching contentedly The ring leader steps forth A short chubby man With gummy fat hands gripping the megaphone Yelling at the top of his lungs You could feel the air vibrate Yet it pounds at your head in whispers Circus… Continue reading the circus

Doesn’t deserve this life

Why is she this way? Why do people treat her like shes useless? She’s not useless. She have feelings, She have a soul. Because people treat her like this. this is why she hate the world, or at least she thinks she do. She’s not really sure what she hates or likes. All her life… Continue reading Doesn’t deserve this life