Bewildered totally captivated i could hardly hold my breath chaotic whirl of my thoughts battered emotions. An agonized cry can be heard in the hollow silence. Enchanted by the mystery that place holds, illuminated by the story untold.

Laugh out loud

Why don’t you cry when you’ve seen what I see Why aren’t you deaf? You just heard me sing Your voice doesn’t break when you speak my name You touched me, but you’re not dead. It’s just one big fucking mystery to me. You’re all the same. Just like me. But we’re all different. Just… Continue reading Laugh out loud

Is This Our Future???

Most people travel to high-society countries. Italy, Germany, Spain, England. I prefer the less developed countries, mostly because those are the ones where I can roam about freely. Not as some slave. Those economic countries have scanners that can detect me. It’s not hard now adays. Technology can do almost anything. The last frontiers are… Continue reading Is This Our Future???