I have a million people a day come to me. Everyday, the same thing. WHEN WILL YOU FUCKIGN PEOPLE LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES! If you obviously took the time, to look at your problems, and rationalize things, i’m pretty sure most of yu coudl save money on the fuckign shrinks, everyoen loves to talk… Continue reading Venting

A love that has always been

I wake again from the same nightmare, the pain is almost unbearable. I think of nothing else. I have become obsessed with it. It all started almost a month ago. I was out surfing the net and ran across this woman. Her image was stunning, but nothing I hadn’t seen a hundred times before. The… Continue reading A love that has always been

yummy grotesque

a sharp glass candleabra. The bonnet, the heat from the engine seeping up, it felt good, it felt comfortable as he rested his face against it, arms out from his body, a sort of reverse crucifixion, nailed to the chrome. the rain…not even that…the light drizzle splattering down was of no consequence, would affect nothing… Continue reading yummy grotesque