I need help i dont know what to do ever since i became a goth all my friends look at me diffrent… they all think there batter then me and i hate it they make fun off me and stuff like that there are only 4 or 5 that dont and my girlfriend witch i… Continue reading Help!?

Ever been fucked with!!

Ever been fucked with. maybe some of you have gone through the same shit as I have. Im a 16 yr goth now I get up every morning with suicide on my mind. I get dressed and go to school every fucking day I get fucked with because im different.

Writing: Just something you should know.

I used to have this little aching feeling in my heart. No matter what I was doing it wouln’t go away. When I’d had a particularly bad day, it got worse. Some days I would not even get out of bed. Other days i’d burst into tears because I couldn’t get the knots out of… Continue reading Writing: Just something you should know.