All My Fault…

Sitting in the graveyard, Ashley wondered how she could have let this happen. It’s all my fault that you’re here, she thought. I should have listened to you. She remembered how she had let this happen. After two years she could still remember the way he smelled, the way he looked, and even the night… Continue reading All My Fault…


She walked up to her room crying. Not believing what she was hearing. Taking a knife to her skin earlier, But not daring. But now there was a different gleam in her eye. Her emotions scared herself. But that didn’t stop her. She looked for something, Anything that could cause damage. That’s when she found… Continue reading Hurt

It’s not what it seems to be.

No matter what you do, nothing comes out perfect. Everything you try, people criticize, it’s just not worth it. Everynight, that beautiful girl, sits in her bedroom. She see’s no purpose in life, all she can do is painfully cry. You thought she was perfect, everyone thought she was worth it. People judge, they think… Continue reading It’s not what it seems to be.

totally insane,drowning

ok,short review of my life,i get depressed,i cut,i hate most people in my life,and one more thing,i drink.well,not often.about 2 weeks ago i made the biggest mistake in my life.i waited til my mum n sis were out the house then got drunk,not totally drunk….i

I Really Need Help…

Does anyone know how it feels to have your own mother kick you out of your house? I could understand if I was a 20 year old with no job, but I’m thirteen. I had my boyfriend over because my mom wasn’t home. We were just hanging out, I am thirteen.

The Faces Always Change: Part 2 (The Metamorphous)

Shelby confessed her dark secret to me and I couldn’t hate her, she even made me promise not to tell anyone about it, and, I did. I was in such shock, lied to for so long. Shelby told me that it had heppend months ago, before she knew how i felt about her and before… Continue reading The Faces Always Change: Part 2 (The Metamorphous)