goodbye kiss

(erotica) So I guess it was a Sunday evening, it was really stormy and humid, as always in Florida. I remember watching the sun set toward the West, introducing the black night sky. My parents had turned in already, leaving me awake and free in the night. At around 11:30, John’s black accord pulled outside… Continue reading goodbye kiss

Death comes to those who wait

The bitter wind lightens in the candlelit presence of the dark angel Her silk black hair brushes against her soft white skin The candlelight violently flickers, troubled by its soon demise It goes unnoticed to the angel, falling in love with the moon But the bitter wind feels it’s pain He lightens to a soft… Continue reading Death comes to those who wait

When its over…

It was one of those stormy nights again. She looked out at the night sky, her head resting against the plane of glass, its cool surface refreshing her. She was glad she was inside, sheltered from the weathers brewing hostility. It felt good she wasnt the only one suffering, there had to be someone out… Continue reading When its over…


The firework stays, waiting for somebody to want it Waiting for somebody to choose it Out of all the rest. People come and go, taking away others

Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti

It was a cold Grey-collored night sky. I was watching Lilo and Stitch on DVD at te same time waiting for Shyanne to get home with a friend for me. Hours later after the movie ended I heard thekey unlocking the door and quietly ran to it and unlocked it for her. I opened it… Continue reading Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti