The Night Darkness Consumed Me pt. II

What did I just do? Did I just accept to be his? I look up at Edge, seeing things I hadn’t been able to see in the darkness of the club. He was…. beautiful. His face was perfect, with the looks that all the women in the world would fight over. Yet he chose me….… Continue reading The Night Darkness Consumed Me pt. II

My Fantasy comes true ( not yet happened )

I sit at home all alone nothing but the radio is on, im talking to my friends on the computer, i get an instant message, it is from a gurl who is all alone and lives in Va Beach, she is bisexual also……. More……………. we start talking and i tell her my fantasy, well she… Continue reading My Fantasy comes true ( not yet happened )

A Heart Full of Meloncholy

Davina’s cell phone rang.She answered it just to hear the meloncholanist voice she was so familiar with.It was her boyfriend Cameron.”What are you doing?””Nothing just sitting here,trying to figure out somewhere to go,”she frustratingly said,while in the back of her mind she desperately wished he cared enough to ask what was wrong


She walks slowly over to him; the one full of contempt. His words raking her soul yet no sign of, relinquish here, her anger kept bound along with her sadness. The knife her true love always gleaming and poised for action. The knife always Obedient to her hands, slicing through the outer layers of his… Continue reading Slave